What Can I Do To Help?

I like to say that Chovy’s! Italian Casual is Sandalinis Bistro’s love child because together, they have been around for over 45 years. Remarkably, many of our Staff have been with us from, even the beginning. Hard to believe, but very true! I am so proud of each and everyone of the great people who dedicate much of their lives to Chovy’s! When I see them at work, they never cease to amaze me. The restaurant is such a busy place and that is when they are truly at their best.


I want to share all of this with you today because we find ourselves in an unprecedented time. It is hard to believe the outbreak that we are experiencing. On Monday, I had to make a decision that broke my heart. I had to close Chovy’s! Tears were in my eyes as I thought of all my late husband Alan Travaglini, and I dreamed of, and then were blessed to have come to life. Yes, it was an emotional close, with the hope that soon we will open again better and stronger than ever.


Many of the awesome Staff took home the perishables. They were so thankful, which touched my heart. I treasure them and hope that by closing, they can social distance and stay at home with their families. It is important that all remain safe and healthy.


I am writing this to all of Chovy’s! Italian Casual’s Fans. The restaurant has always held a special place in the Crawford County Community. Celebrations of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Rehearsal Dinners, Showers, Reunions, Meetings, and many other of Life’s Events are planned and enjoyed at Chovy’s! Our Manager, Becky Guianen, Assistant Manager, Teri Ruhl, Executive Chef, Blaine Fobes and Sous Chef Ryan Fuda work together with our Supervisor Don Fagley and myself to make everyday a Special Day. Our incredibly talented, service-oriented Staff pamper guests daily. Sadly, we cannot do this right now.


Today, our highly respected fans cannot visit and enjoy Chovy’s! We at Chovy’s have been hit hard. I am asking you to buy a Gift Card on line – It will help us a lot. Bills have to be paid even though we are closed.


We will throw in $10 for every $50 that you spend.


Buy a gift card now.


Enjoy it when we can all breathe a little easier!


Stay Safe, Take Precautions, Be Healthy!


My Sincere Thanks,


Carla Travaglini Kluczynski




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